Everlast Pink Women's Evergel Hand Wraps

Everlast Pink Women's Evergel Hand WrapsLight-weight glove that replicates the feel of handwraps

Price: $24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great protection!,


I was sick of wrapping my hands prior to cardio kickboxing classes. I heard conflicting things saying I could wear these in lieu of wraps and under gloves, and then some said no way. I decided to get them and I stopped wrapping my hands. These have lasted me the last four months with 3x a week use. My wrists and knuckles are protected with great support and they fit right under my gloves for heavy bag work. Plus I save so much time now just slipping these on! You can machine wash them and they turn out just fine! A good purchase for sure!

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent hand wraps,


These hand wraps are exactly what I was looking for. They fit me just fine and are so much quicker to put on than the long tape kind. Everyone at the kickboxing studio has been asking me where I got them.

Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Training Gloves

Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Training GlovesSimply the best glove for MMA period. Features include 2" of molded foam padding, making it the safest training glove in MMA. Comfortable, ergonomic fit. Hinged knuckle allows for a full range of motion. Wrap around wrist strap for lockdown wrist support. Fully open palm allows for skin on skin contact to grip your opponent. Leather Striking surface for long last durability.


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5.0 out of 5 stars great value for a great glove


carlo (los angeles, ca) -


This review is from: Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Training Gloves (Sports)

at this price ($20-25) they are a steal. these gloves look like they're worth about 5 times what i paid for them. they look extremely high quality and you will for sure have people at the gym asking you what kind of gloves they are and where did you buy them. padding is thick, curved, and the wrist closure supports your wrist better than any similar glove i've used. warning though, they are sized small, so please go up a size if you want them to fit right. in everlast glove sizing i'm a S/M so i bought these in the regular size but they were too small for me. when my girlfriend saw them though she loved them, tried them on, and now they're hers. i ended up buying another pair in L size for me and they fit perfect. i don't MMA so i can't tell you how well these will work while grappling. i can tell you that you have enough freedom to grab wrists and ankles with these gloves on, as well as other activities like jumping rope. i mainly use these for training with thai pads with partners so i enjoy these types of gloves so i can put them on and off with ease. if you plan to heavy bag, these gloves will work fine for short spurts but if you plan on punching a bag for extended periods of time then a standard boxing glove/hand wrap combination would be a better choice mainly for the added support, protection, and comfort. with these gloves you have to clinch a fist to properly punch. the curved padding helps with this but you will be fatigued after a long periods. face it though, standard boxing gloves just aren't as cool as these. i'm so pleased with these gloves i'm thinking about buying the XL size and trying them out with hand wraps.

Everlast Pink Women's Pro Style Grappling Training Glove

Everlast Pink Women's Pro Style Grappling Training GloveWomen's training gloves for Mixed Martial Arts

Price: $29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Everlast Pink Womens Pro Style Grappling gloves.,



This review is from: Everlast Pink Women's Pro Style Grappling Training Glove (Sports)

I got S/M glove size after reading a review about these being big sized gloves and I am happy I did they are snug to get on, but once of stay n don't slide up and down.
The only problem I had is they hurt my knuckles (Chafe them) I am not sure if this is because they are still new and need to be warn in, I am looking at getting wraps for my hands but think if I do that I will have a problem getting my hands in the glove.
Over all good quality and am happy with the price I paid for the products. Love the pink colour aswell!

Grappling MMA Training Gloves UFC Style Gloves Black

Grappling MMA Training Gloves UFC Style Gloves BlackFar East style open thumb helps make a more compact fist. Complete with extra-durable wraparound hook-and-loop wrist closure. More than 1" of pre-curved foam padding makes for excellent form fit and protection

Price: $19.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty good,


This review is from: Grappling MMA Training Gloves UFC Style Gloves Black (Misc.)

Gloves were a little tight, (I have big hands) but once I slipped them on and used them for a bit, they fit better. Pretty nice quality for the price. They look gray in the picture, but they are black as it says. Overall, good for the price.

Hayabusa Official MMA Pro Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa Official MMA Pro Boxing Gloves

  • Exclusive Y-shape volar design to keep gloves tight to the palm whether fists are clenched or when hands are open.

  • Dual cross directional strap system for ultimate wrist support and striking performance.

  • 4oz. regulation weight, professional MMA gloves

  • Official Hayabusa Fightwear - Official MMA Gear of the UFC


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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, June 28, 2011

Great gloves, they are light, look spectacular, fit my hands great. One problem is they cut my knuckles pretty bad until I broke them in, otherwise great gloves, I can recommend to anyone!

Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps

Everlast EverGel Hand WrapsNew color for 2006! Innovative and convenient alternative to hand wraps for protection and comfort during workouts.

Price: $33.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Wraps,


P. S..... (CO) - .


This review is from: Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps (Sports)

THESE ARE NOT GLOVES FOR HITTING A HEAVY BAG!!!!! I have read reviews that say that these aren't strong or well made for bag gloves...That's because these ARE NOT bag gloves, they are gel hand wraps. You use these for extra protection for your knuckles and wrists. You put these on and then you put your BAG GLOVES ON OVER THEM....sorry for repeating myself but I just want to clear. anyway great product if you use them correctly. You may need to buy your heavy bag gloves one size larger than your actual size so these fit under them. My wrists and knuckles feel great after a hard workout on the heavy bag much more support than classic hand wraps.

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy, Quick, Comfortable,


Cole M...e (Virginia, USA) -

This review is from: Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps (Sports)
Firstly I have to say they are called Hand Wraps, not Gloves, for a reason. People using these as gloves make up the vast majority of negative reviews, which is a shame. As Hand Wraps these are intended to be worn beneath your gloves taking place of the original hand wraps, which you actually had to wrap around your hand. They are very quick to put on, quite comfortable, and offer a stiff wrist. Having used them every three days for the past two months I have no complaints, they are starting to break down a bit, but I use them quite heavily and they are on pace to last as long as old fashion wraps. I will be buying another set, they make it easy to get in a quick heavy bag routine.


Everlast New Punch Mitts

Everlast New Punch MittsPunching mitt to sharpen ones technique.

Price: $24.99

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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful

4.0 out of 5 stars Everlast Punch Mitts
This product comes with both mitts! It serves its purpose well. Only thing that I didn't like about it is that the part you put your hands in is made for large hands. When the other person hit the mitt too hard the mitt flew off my hand, if I wasn't holding it tight enough. But overall I think that it's worth the money.

Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking / Training Gloves

Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking / Training Gloves7 oz. striking training glove is perfect for the mixed martial artist who's looking to work out with a heavy bag etc.

Price: $39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars great for training,


C. Oler (Arizona) - (

This review is from: Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking / Training Gloves (Sports)

These gloves are very comfortable. At 7oz they provide plenty of soft padding so you don't injure your sparring partner. The wrist wraps provide good support and they are adjustable well do to the generous amount of velcro. I can punch my heavy bag without worry of injuring my knuckles at 100% power. I do use sports tape to prevent abrasion on my pinky and 4th knuckle even though I generally strike with the index and middle. They fit way better than the basic foam sparring glove and not as dense or hard as a 4oz UFC style fight/grappling glove.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Gloves!!,



These gloves are great! I use them only for heavy bag training, but these gloves would also be great for sparring. I bought them because I was sick of using bulky 16oz. boxing gloves and the 4oz. MMA gloves didn't offer too much protection of your knuckles. But these are amazing, the gloves are small but offer great protection of your whole hand! I highly recommend these gloves to anyone who trains in MMA.

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling GlovesTraining gloves for Mixed Martial Arts

Price: $29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!!,


I bought these pair of gloves about two months ago and it is just a delight every time I put them on and spar a little bit with my brother. Although I have to warn you that these are only a 4.0 oz of protective thickness meaning that you can still make a good deal of harm with your punches if not careful. So far no complaints about this product and I do abuse them a bit

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Good Buy,


P. Br....y (Peoria, AZ USA) -


After a few workouts, the Everlast MMA gloves were found to be very flexible with good grip. Nothing much to say other than a good, solid feel to the glove with expected results.

Ultimate Fighting Champion - Highly Skilled MMA Combatants

With the knowledge of various mixed-martial arts scrap, the Ultimate Fighting Champion comes under the category of those strong and highly skilled combatants who come into action to involve themselves in a fight against their opponents in an octagon formed ring. The referee stoppage, knockout, or submission is the way to win the fight for any combatant. Gloves are primarily used by fighters to participate in the tournament and while at the same to provide their hands with a complete safety while hitting opponents. These fighters generally wear boxing shorts during the mixed-martial art tournament.

Heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight and lightweight are several divisions of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Every weight division has been flourished up with a number of superstars just like boxing and other fighting tournaments. Quite obviously, if one wants to be popular amongst the champs of his weight division, then he would definitely have to fight against other contenders. Finally, one has also to be involved in the championship fights where he interacts with the actual champions of his weight division.

The foundation stone of the UFC was laid nearly 15 years ago when the Gracie family from Brazil showed their interest in doing the same while battling in Jiu-Jitsu. According to the statistics, this sport has started to earn immense popularity hardly over the past 10 years and now it, undoubtedly, has become a major primetime sport, which is appreciated today by a plethora of people. To be very frank, numbers of fighters put their great efforts in making themselves the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Some widely popular and highly skilled UFC personalities are Royce Gracie, Rashad Evans, Randy Couture, Anderson, Silva and Dan Severn. Most of the UFC fights are broadcasted on Setanta TV with providing the viewers with an opportunity to experience several widely popular events like the approaching UFC 85 accessible only on pay-per-view.





























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Why MMA Has the Best Muay Thai Equipment

Martial arts has changed so much in the last 20 years and continues to change at a rapid pace. The introduction of mixed martial arts has been fantastic for the evolution, however protecting yourself is still a number one priority. When buying boxing or Muay Thai equipment it is recommended that you use the MMA training equipment. There are several reasons for this which we will look at. The best combat sports suppliers will have the following,

* The Best Choice of Muay Thai Equipment
* The Most Proven Safe Technology
* Affordable and Free Delivery

Why Mixed Martial Arts Equipment Is The Best
MMA has changed the form of fighting forever. There is now no one form of fighting like 'Striking' or 'Grappling'. It has been mixed together and the focus is now on blending the styles together. This means that the training equipment has to be the most efficient and of the highest quality to supply this new demand. No matter if you are looking for shorts, pads gloves or bags MMA will have the most flexible design. They will have to withstand strikes, be able to clinch fight and also be used for grappling.

Muay Thai equipment cannot compete with all the different styles which is why people are now opting for the flexibility of mixed martial arts equipment. The good news is that you can still train in individual styles like Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Capoeira etc because the equipment can adapt for all styles. The last point to note is that you still want to shop around to make sure you get the best deals. Many of the major suppliers now offer free delivery which is also a bonus.

Training in martial arts is a great way to keep in shape and to learn how to protect yourself, however you should always put your safety first to make sure you can train at 100% and also train for a long time with no long term damage.





















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What You Need to Know About Amateur and Professional MMA Gloves

Hours of dedication, proper dieting and exercise are needed if you want to compete in the world of MMA fighting. You must be ready to do your best and be in the best possible shape. You will also need the right type of MMA glove to train with and to fight with depending on skill level and intensity of the competition you're in.

MMA gloves have padding that is designed to protect the hands during the fight, yet still enable one to give a harsh blow to the opponent in the hopes of knocking them out. Typically fight gloves have open palms and fingers that allow for better hand movement. Fighters will not be able to submit their opponent if they are restricted by their gloves.

Fight gloves come in several different varieties that include amateur, pro and regular competition. The main difference between amateur and pro fight gloves is the amount of padding that is used. The type of fighting allowed to amateurs is limited so their fight gloves typically have more padding than the pros as they require more protection and typically weigh in at around six ounces. Therefore, professional MMA fight gloves typically weigh four to five ounces and offer enough padding to protect the hands in competition while also allowing sufficient striking power and mobility.

The padding is usually about a quarter of an inch thick and covers the backhand and knuckles of the hand. It is also important to wrap your hands underneath the glove to provide additional protection to your hands and wrists. Fighting gloves need to be comfortable in how they fit and how secure they will make your wrists and hands feel.

Other types of fight gloves come in a V-shaped design that enables the glove to stay tightly on your hands and provide a comfortable and secure fit. These MMA gloves also have a dual cross directional strap system that supports your wrists and provides great striking performance. Another one of the fighting MMA gloves from a company comes with two patented technologies and are the most advanced fighting MMA gloves in the world market. These professional fight gloves have a triple layer patented Glove Gore Technology with a pneumatic knuckle guard wrapped in neoprene for durability and comfort. These are a top of the line glove for fighting and or training.

MMA gloves for fighting were first mandatory in Japan's Shooto promotion in 1985. Governed by the Shooto Association and the International Shooto Commission, shooto is a type of combat sport with rules similar to other mixed martial arts competitions. MMA gloves were later adopted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC as MMA developed into a regulated sport. In these competitions, amateur fighters are required to wear the heavier six ounce MMA training gloves for more protection of the hands and wrists than the four ounce MMA fighting gloves that the professionals can wear. In the United States, additional rules have been introduced into the sport because it is overseen in fashion similar to boxing.




























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Combat Sports MMA Training Gloves

Combat Sports is the gear of champions and endorsed by world champion fighters worldwide as the leader and innovator in high MMA Gloves and is the authority in Muay Thai.

MMA Gear made by Combat Sports is the best in the world.

Equipment made by is distributed worldwide and is one of the hottest brands in MMA. The collection includes many different types of Gloves.

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The company carries gloves for sparring training and competition. Whether it's sparring of training, Combat Sports has many training gloves to choose from.

As someone that does a lot of bag work, I really like the wrist support provided by this glove. It has a longer than normal strap that allows a double wrap. The ¾ inch padding will insure your hands don't get too beat up.

These gloves can be expensive unless you know where to shop. Do a Google on renegademmagear and you will find one of the best kept secrets for find inexpensive gear on the internet. When you are shopping, keep in mind the purpose or use you are going to be using the equipment for. You don't need to spend a ton of money on training gloves that will just get worn out real quick.

As a friend, I'll tell you that you can get the same quality gloves for half the price.You can get professional quality, real leather and some really cool looking gloves. Like I said, go to renegademmagear and see for yourself.






























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