Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves

Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Heavy Bag GlovesHeavy bag gloves with wristwrap protection & open fingers for greater flexibility & ventilation

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gloves make me feel like Iron Man!,

This review is from: Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves (Sports)

These gloves are the Absolute Best!, Not only are they comfortable but very hardy. I use them for the heavy bag with or without wraps i feel no discomfort. My fellow students tried them on and wish they would have bought these instead of other products from Everlast or other brands. I just ordered the Everlast 12 oz. Mixed Martial Arts Sparring Gloves from Amazon also.


5.0 out of 5 stars Everlast heavy bag glove

First Im not a boxer in any way I bought the gloves b/c theres a punching bag in the house I moved into. I use I have used these gloves for two weeks now and I love them. Finally they are broken in and they are comfortable in the knuckles area and my wrists do not feel like they are "tweaked" after. Sometime I will use writs wraps with the gloves and I haven't had any issues with the gloves when I do it this way. The padding on the gloves works wonders. I have large hands with boney knuckles and before using the gloves I would use only wrist wraps. I would tear my knuckles to shreds after 20 min on the bag. Now I have no issues with my knuckles at all. I would recommend the gloves to anyone who uses a heavy punching bag for occasional/recreational use. I also like how easy it is to pick things up with the gloves